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Oh Tooth Story

Dr Suzanne Russell is the owner and founder of the business.  Suzanne is a mum of 3 and a working dentist.  Her years of experience in many areas of dentistry and in clinical education ensure ohtooth provides the best products for your oral health.

She now lives, works and has set up her business in her native Northern Ireland.

She has a personal interest in finding ways to reduce plastic waste, live more ethically and finding ways to give back to the community across the world.


Our mission is to provide professional standard oral health products in line with current best practice.


Our vision is to encourage the whole family to use eco-friendly, quality dental products.  In addition to we want to educate in oral health which is linked to improving our general health and wellbeing.


Our values are to be honest, open and transparent.  From the conception of the business idea, we have committed to donate a portion of profits to charity and strive to put social responsibility at the heart of what we do. 

Charity partners & community

Giving back to our community is an essential part of ohtooth. 

We give 20% of all profits to our chosen charity partner. The charity we donate to will change occasionally as there are so many causes we wish to support!

Keep an eye on our social media for information on our charity partners.

Our Promise

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