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Thank you for joining us on our mission to help the planet one tooth at a time. 

We’re passionate about providing eco-friendly, evidence based oral health products which keep your mouth and teeth healthy.

plastic free

cruelty free

biodegradable packaging

made in UK


natural flavouring


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These toothpaste tablets are a great idea - wet your toothbrush, bite and brush. Simple! No crusty toothpaste tube and no unrecyclable waste


They give you the the right amount of toothpaste. They are easy to travel with and they are just nicer


These are the best toothpaste tabs I've tried yet..they foam far better than other tablets I've tried before and leave your mouth feeling genuinely clean & fresh! And most importantly are eco friendly and dentist approved with fluoride


Been using them for about a month now and will definitely keep on using. Took a week or so to get used to them as they don't foam as much or have a strong a taste as traditional toothpaste but are far less messy to use and certainly look much nicer on the bathroom shelf.


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